Son of a Son of a……….

Justin Trudeau to run for Liberal leadership

Son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau was coy all summer about leadership intentions

CBC News

Sounds like a   bunch of ex-Libs posting at CBC online  today..most acting as if the NDP doesn’t exist as a force in Fed politics..just not true, anymore..
Most of you are from the East (not surprising) and most of you discount the influence of the West, which you mistakenly concur is all-Con…- and Quebec, which just voted in the separatists, not because they want to separate, but to get rid of the Libs…
So, Quebec probably will not go Lib in the next Fed election, and I’m guessing that, aside from perennial Con-country Alberta, neither will the “West.”
Here in BC we will definitely not be voting either Con or Liberal, we’ve had enough of both to last a lifetime, and all you JT fans out there might want to consider the fact that with Junior at the helm, the only way that the Libs could even participate would be in a merger that probably won’t happen…it won’t need to.
The fact that he isn’t geriatric doesn’t automatically mean that young people will vote for him, either….they are generally better educated than their elders, and will choose carefully, if they vote at all..and the one thing that most young people hate is a sense of entitlement..JT has that in spades


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