Rona, are You Paying Attention?

Democracy 101..When a person of either gender is elected to office, and then appointed to a Ministry, (s)he is obligated to vote based, not on personal belief, but on the verifiable will of the people…further, as a Federal Minister, that person should take into consideration the will of the majority of Canadians..who recently were polled and voted 75% not to re-open the abortion debate…a pretty strong mandate by anyone’s standards.
Those are the principles by which democratic electees vote- to say that they “vote their conscience” is to denigrate the idea of representation, and put forward a rationale for dictatorship…your obligation to citizens does not end at the close of the polls, when you are elected..rather, it is just beginning..


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One Response to Rona, are You Paying Attention?

  1. diamondwalker says:

    perfectly succinct… gets directly to the point … Thank You ……. very much appreciated ..

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