Welcome Home, Omar…..or not…

Khadr eligible for parole next summer, lawyers say

Let no one say that there be no trolls in this day and age…just read some of the comments at CBC online regarding Khadr’s repatriation…


This man was railroaded at 15 years old..let’s see, how old were Rina Virk’s murderers?
And how much time did they spend in jail?
And let’s not even talk about Mrs. Bernardo…Karla spent time for participating in many rapes, tortures, and murders and partied her way through jail before being assisted in every way to start over…
Where are the cries for her head? The demands for deportation..oh, wait, she was born here…and so was Khadr..
At best, he was browbeaten into confessing, in exchange for the sentence he received for a crime no one could prove he committed…
Of course he idealizes his father, nothing odd about that..especially when his only experience of life is to be abused and bullied by a system like Gitmo, surrounded by others who may or may not have deserved to be there, but were all released to their respective countries before Khadr…
When an experienced US General states that after hundreds of hours of interviews, he feels that Khadr is no threat, that should mean something..what did Toews do, consult his notes?
And now we have a bunch of closet racists howling on line for his head…may they all move to the States where it’s semi-acceptable to behave with such bigotry and short-sightedness…

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One Response to Welcome Home, Omar…..or not…

  1. Beijing York says:

    We have to out-voice the repugnant, racist trolls and prove to fellow-Canadians and the world that we are not the vicious, racist, saber-rattling nation that Harper, Kenney, Baird and Toews are desperately trying to re-imagine. I would love and support Omar Khadr’s legal pursuit against the federal government some day down the road.

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