You Had Me (Choking) at Affordable…

This morning, I had to control my urge to laugh while reading:

Affordable Housing Canada: Housing Boom, Government Cutbacks Create ‘Rent Squeeze’

by Rachel Mendleson in HuffPost Oct 4, 2012

I knew, the minute I read the headline, that the author probably lived in Ontario, or, at least, definitely not in BC
It isn’t just Vancouver, either, where there hasn’t been anything like affordable rental housing for many, many years..Victoria is insane, and even in rural areas, the rents are extremely high..and have been for years.
It’s definitely a squeeze play, between high rents, inadequate public transit even in city centres, and commuting times.
This country needs to get back to remembering that it’s about the citizens at all economic levels..
If you can afford to buy (increasingly rare) you often have to move  outside your work area, and the fuel for commuting can kill off any savings on housing..and there is nothing like adequate public transit to offset these expenses..
Here is BC, the gLibs, in their wisdom (?) just gave our privatized and going broke ferry service the chance to once again inexplicably raise prices, while simultaneously cutting back on services…this is supposedly an extension of our highway system that is so expensive that ridership is down a huge amount..tourists, and BCers alike can no longer afford to use the ferries..imagine what that does to an already stretched economy, never mind the fact that years ago, when people used the main ferries to commute between job and home, the costs were affordable…now? Forget it…

There seems to be absolutely no connect between politicians and the real world. Affordable housing, you say? Don’t know if I’m old enough to remember such a thing….oh, yes, that was about 40 years ago, wasn’t it?

Well, wasn’t it….?

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2 Responses to You Had Me (Choking) at Affordable…

  1. e.a.f. says:

    The high cost of housing has resulted in people living in less than optimal conditions. A lot of these people are children. Decent, affordable, rental housing has almost become non existant. At one time the federal government at least had a co-op housing program which did provide mixed housing rents. That program is long gone. The provinces have not picked up the slack either because they don’t see it as their business or lack of finances.

    We can not deal with social problems until people are decently housed. People can go to detox, etc. but when they come out, its still the streets or some unsuitable place to live. Building low cost housing will not be enough. We need blended housing so getto’s don’t develop.

    The B.C. Ferries is only in debt because the loans to the German banks are at 10% interest when they could be at 3% if they reverted to a crown corporation again. Now why the lieberals don’t want to do this is beyond me, except then the ferry corp. might be looked at & people would see what the lieberals don’t want them to see. There are no off season rates, to fill these ferries either. Empty ferries might be full if the rates were lower. Now of course the corp. may say they tried that last yr. with no improvement but then if you have a sale on fares & don’t tell the public, its hard for them to use the ferries. Instead of cutting evening services they might try offering a well advertised 50% discount, not adverts for tourists.

    Living on Vancouver Island & going to Vancouver for the weekend is much to expensive. I feel ripped off. Between gas getting to the ferry & the fare, I’d be out $100 each way. When ferry rates worked out to about $40 each way, I went over frequently, but I won’t pay $75 each way for a service I consider part of the highway system.

    • cityprole says:

      I hear you..I moved here almost 4 years ago, after being in Vancouver for many years,
      and thought I’d be visiting frequently…
      Nope, not you say, can’t afford it..

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