(Almost) The Last Picture Show….

Granville’s last movie theatre closes

CBC online Oct 10,2012


I was shocked to read that this is the last of the Granville theatres..when I left Vancouver a few years ago, they were all still in business; the truth is, after having gone almost weekly for many years, home video and the grossly expensive demands for admission killed the experience for me.
The dumbing-down of the entertainment industry did nothing for its own continued success, either, too many so-called ‘action’ movies, not my thing (or anyone over 12, mentally) and a lot of ridiculous schlock I wouldn’t have even rented…
The last movie I saw at a theatre was on Granville St., “Gangs of New York”…and I went to a matinee so that I wouldn’t have to pay what had become a ridiculous amount of money for admission…and even then, I decided to  see it because of my Irish father being raised in this environment just a few years later…interesting that the politics had changed so little , even now…

Just to check, I went to Google Maps and looked at Hollywood Blvd, where I once  went to movies weekly, and there was once upon a time a theatre on practically every block…40 years ago, that is…

The few that are left seemed to have transformed into live theatre for things like Broadway-type middle of the road hits..

Now? A very few (three) in about a one mile stretch where at one time there had to be 3 dozen..and they were double bills, too…guess it’s happening everywhere.

Another part of the past to say goodbye to, but not sure if  I’m really unhappy about it or simply being sentimental.



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