No One is asking “Where’s the Beef?”

XL Foods targeted for takeover by Brazilian company

CBC online Oct. 18, 2012

If anyone in this country needed to rationalize the road to vegetarianism for any reason at all, this news certainly helps…

Am I the only one left who remembers when Alberta beef was highly regarded as some of the best in the country?  Between the dirty oil and the tainted meat, is there anything about Alberta that has any credence whatsoever…besides the minority of citizens who do not vote Conservative, or Really Conservative…?

Not only did the Cons and Libs before them destroy the inspection chain in favour of the private sector policing themselves (and we know what happens then…) but now it’s still another US/other country takeover of still another industry that can’t control itself?
Sounds to me like Emperor Steve is ultimately getting exactly what he wants so badly…the continued take over of our economic and food base by the Yanks ultimately resulting in them virtually controlling our country..
I moved to Canada back in ’72, loved it, loved the social contract here, and took out citizenship in ’76, and until now I had no cause to wonder if I did the right thing…
Is there no end to the abyss that Harpo would have us sink into?


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