Shaking Hands with the Devil You Think You Know….


While the Cons huff and puff and try to simply blow our House of Parliament down, let me play devil’s advocate here and rant about something that no one else (that I’ve been aware of) seems to be mentioning, in all the foofaraw about increasing the golden handshake contributions…

What’s all this about pensions? In their rush to seem to be onside with covering their own butts re pensions, both the Liberals and the NDP are falling into that old Con trap of not thinking beyond their own terms..
How is creating even less of an economic return for MPs going to encourage anyone but the very rich and very connected to run for office? Do they all forget how very difficult it is just to run, never mind support yourself when elected? To go through all that and then realize that the pension that you thought was somewhat compensatory for all that stress and expense is now going to be even less of a ‘reward’ for serving your country will do nothing to encourage anyone not fabulously wealthy, and women specifically. to run for office…
If the Cons can set things up so that it is less attractive than ever to run for office, then the only people able or willing to do so will be those who are already wealthy enough to not care; in other words, those who walk in with an agenda, that 1%…remember them? If the Cons were truly concerned they’d do something, as promised, about the Senate…they lied about that too, didn’t they?


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2 Responses to Shaking Hands with the Devil You Think You Know….

  1. Jim says:

    If the current Conbots run for re-election, then they will be subject to the new pension rules. How many will re-run?

    • cityprole says:

      Jim, I’m positive that all of them will run again..that is not the point I’m trying to make..
      Those of us who might be interested in running for office but have no personal fortune of our own, or rich, influential friends might find it difficult if not impossible to get a foot in the door even locally..
      All these new rules do is make it even less desirable/possible to go through the stress and struggle – but how many of the Conbots have financial issues, or are bereft of influential friends or puppeteers?

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