So, Alberta, You Think BC’s Gonna Dance?

Oil companies going unpunished for thousands of North Sea spills

I am including a link to this article in the  Guardian online of Oct 25, 2012, because it is absolutely critical for anyone who is undecided re the true cost of that nasty pipeline across our beautiful Province, and linking to our semi-pristine coastline to read and understand this, and what it means for BC…we need to take  this very seriously, and for those throughout Canada who feel that we are being obstructive (yes we can!) or ungrateful (gimme a break!) here is just a small part of the reason for our distrust and distaste.

This  is an article that illustrates, in cold hard facts, still another reason why no country and certainly no corporation can guarantee anything regarding safety or security…like the promises of politicians, these assurances tend to be forgotten once the agenda is achieved…and it’s beyond too late to change anything…

I have personally made this my next and probably last great fight, more important than anything else could ever be at a time when the entire country seems to be capitulating to the machinations of  Harpo and the Conbots on everything in BC, we have to fight this with everything we’ve got, and the fact that so many are onside with this fight,   and that includes some of the biggest stakeholders,  First Nations, should be enough to enliven anyone who feels that there is nothing we can do to stop this insane rape of our Province for  the further extraction and profit from  Alberta dirty bitumen…


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One Response to So, Alberta, You Think BC’s Gonna Dance?

  1. MoS says:

    Hi C.P. The manner in which the Norfthern Gateway pipeline and supertanker operation is being structured of itself gives no reason any of the parties should be trusted. They have done about everything conceivable to thwart the possibility of being held liable for catastrophe. The pipeline company itself is going to be a shell. No way to get at Enbridge or Big Oil there. The supertanker operator/owners also have a liability cut-out. They’ll have to carry a specified insurance policy. In the event of a spill their liability will be limited to that insurance coverage. The Times-Colonist estimated that coverage would be about enough to cover 4-7 days of clean up operations. Ottawa’s off the hook. Alberta’s off the hook. China’s off the hook. Enbridge and the Tar Sands producers are, likewise, off the hook. And guess who gets handed the shitty end of this stick? You guessed it – the people and province of British Columbia, that’s who.

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