Greed is Driving a Steak Through My Heart…..

Canadians ‘need to know’ about mechanically tenderized meat – in CBC online October 26,2012


Warning!!! Vegetarians, this posting contains suggestive  references to meat….

Once again, greed trumps safety…

Since I grew up as an omnivore, I make no apologies for the fact that I love  meat, a good, thick rare steak in particular..
Years ago, I quit eating any ground meant in restaurants due to the fact that everyone was forced to make hockey pucks out of perfectly good beef when e coli was routinely found to be present…can’t stand overcooked meat, may as well gnaw on an old boot.
Now, instead of naturally aged beef, easily achieved by hanging, in a suitably refrigerated area, for 28 days or more, beef is now mechanically tenderized, resulting in the injection of e coli into meat that was once perfectly safe if cooked rare…
Anyone else remember when eggs were still safe to be consumed raw? That is a distant memory, again, because of greed…lucky me, I live in a rural area and can get them, fresh and free range, anytime I wish…
Why is it that this newly “tenderized” version of beef has not dropped drastically in price, since the instantaneous availability of tenderized meat is now possible, resulting in quicker turnaround and no more need to store it? Why, greed, of course..
The price of beef is so ridiculous that it is becoming a distant memory for many..
Now that I know this stupid and dangerous practice of mechanical tenderizing is common practice, I will happily boycott beef permanently. And since the Conbots believe that any industry (especially one that supports them so fervently) can be self-regulating, our health and safety seem permanently compromised in the name of holy profit….
I’m suddenly feeling greedy for some green veg.


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