Why I AM Freaking Out at the Possibility of Romney…

Why I’m not freaking out about the idea of a Mitt Romney presidency

I’m not complacent: bad things would happen. But I also have faith that, despite partisan politics, America arcs toward progress –

a blog from Ana-Marie Cox posted in the Guardian online Nov. 5, 2012

Well, glad your denial carries you forward…but it’s laughable..
Certainly, the little progress the US has made in equitable rules for all citizens is as fragile as a Teabagger’s conscience..and just as prone to disappearing, as convenient..
Is Romney, by himself, all that scary? Probably not, but with an amenable Senate (which will probably be, once again, Repug-dominated) he will have carte blanche to honour the commitments made to the rightwing whackjobs that are now gaining power in the States…and women will wind up with little more than their grandmothers..
Has Romney promised to defund Planned Parenthood? Why, yes, he has..has he sworn to uphold anything that smacks of controlling women’s lives? Ditto..will he overturn Roe vs Wade? Absolutely..
As a woman who no longer  resides in the US, where I was born, I am no longer subject to these abominable threats, nor am I of an age to worry about reproductive rights for myself..but I worry greatly for all my US sisters..and the fact that you, a woman, write such a mind-numbingly banal posting – as if to soothe voters into thinking that it doesn’t really matter – is even more frightening than the candidate himself.



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