It’s Soon Curtains for Albertans….

Liberal David McGuinty Tells Tory MPs To ‘Go Back To Alberta’; Justin Trudeau, Tories React

An article in Huffpost today, Wednesday, November 21, 2012




Considering how popular  Daddy was in the Dirty Oil province, it should be de rigeur for Lieberals to trash them..instead, here we have Justin “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?” Trudeau tut-tutting McGuinty’s rather honest remark…
But then, the Cons and the gLibs are so close in philosophy that Justin is probably afraid that the oil barons (who he’s hopeful  will help to subsidize his campaigns ) might take umbrage…
Meanwhile, with projections of massive oil deposits discovered in the States, especially in North Dakota, the Righties of the Tar Sands are probably panicked, knowing that a Chinese takeover is their only hope of sucking every cent out of their ‘investment’…can’t wait ’til they are the have-not province…should be hilarious…pawn shops full of white cowboy hats….


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