US Lapdog or Sovereign Nation?

Canada recalls diplomats after Palestinians win UN vote

Baird calls Palestinians’ UN success Thursday ‘an impediment to peace’

from CBC  online, Nov 30, 2012


I realize that there will be  an overload of rhetoric in the coming days about  this subject, but I cannot contain myself any longer.

As the daughter of a woman whose parents and ancestors were practising Jews, it’s always been a sensitive subject for me…I couldn’t even  go to the movie  “Schindler’s List”  because I couldn’t take any more psychic pain on the subject of the Holocaust…after “Sophie’s Choice” I  was permanently traumatized…and those were films.

Israel has proven the adage that those who do not learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them…and the Palestinian people are suffering because of this historic myopia.  When male children are in the streets with rocks to try and stop machine-gun brandishing Israeli soldiers, one cannot  help but be reminded of that old Jewish hero, David…and Israel has become Goliath, without the ‘happy’ Old Testament ending…

Canada has  truly become the lapdog of the US on this subject, with a ‘recall’ of diplomats from both Israel and Palestine to ‘study’ what both might have to say about what is happening ‘over there’..what a terrible, terrible joke Canada has become, pretending to  push  our country’s puny political weight  around as if we had anything like influence in the real world…as if the US  does, any more…..

Can  the Cons humiliate this country any further, is there anything left with which they can  degrade us?  Oh, yes, there is….and the US will ignore us as they always do, our  wee ignorant response expected but not necessarily worth  acknowledging in any practical way….and so it goes, our poor country sliding ever further into the political wasteland once inhabited by such stalwart countries as Estonia and Albania…

I know there are Israelis who condemn the actions of their government, who, just like Canadians, have to watch in horror and disbelief while their countries slide back into a fascism not seen for 50 years….and just like Hitler’s ‘democratic’ first election, there is nothing any of us can do about it…

I believe, sincerely, that the majority of Canadians want the Palestinians to have  their own sovereign nation, and not go the way of First Nations here, and in the US, absorbed into the  prevailing colonizing ‘culture’ and  their own traditions subverted to the new reality…

The Cons have got to go next election, it just cannot continue….


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8 Responses to US Lapdog or Sovereign Nation?

  1. LeDaro says:

    Well said, my friend. Canada is isolating itself international and Netanyahu is not endearing Israel by his tactics.

  2. MoS says:

    Apparently Baird doesn’t think Israel’s retaliation by approving 3,000 more settlement homes and speeding up processing of a further 1,000 is an “impediment to peace” or he would be pulling Canada’s ambassador to Israel. It’s said these further settlements will effectively sever the West Bank in two. This is the outright theft of occupied Palestinian lands in flagrant breach of international law. That also doesn’t seem to bother Baird or, from what I can tell, the opposition parties either. Welcome to the 21st century, not your grandfather’s Canada.

  3. jonolan says:

    Israel will do what it has to do to protect its existence. It will do so with or without Canada’s rather worthless support and with or without various race / religion / culture traitors who’ve decided to support terrorists.

    Get used to that fact because it’s what’s going to happen. The Jews – real Jews living in the Jewish Homeland – aren’t going to roll over and die just to please a bunch of Dhimmis.

    • cityprole says:

      Thanks so much for making my point for me..bigots never know when to quit…

    • MoS says:

      Culture traitors? I think there was a little Austrian guy who copyrighted that back in the ’30s. What was the name of that book? “Mein” something or other.

      • LeDaro says:

        If there are killings in Syria then it is mass-murder. If Israel does the same, mass-murder Palestinians, then it is self-defence. Yeah! Right out of “Mein”. A British Jewish MP said something similar and called killing of Palestinians genocide.

      • jonolan says:

        When speaking of Jews, it’s necessary for the sake of accuracy to address race, religion, culture since “Jewishness” is an amalgam of race, religion, and culture.

      • cityprole says:

        I doubt if all Jews feel that it’s even remotely an amalgam of race, for Jewish relatives were Polish/Russian, that hardly suffices to explain any sort of ‘racial’ profile…there are black Jews and Asian Jews, there are Sephardic jews…what ‘race’ are you referring to?
        Culturally there might be (somewhat of) an argument, but then, in North America, especially, these things tend to blend into the culture at large…when I grew up the food my grandmother served me was foreign in most of my peers’ eyes..latkes, bagels, borscht, etc…arguably a big part of a culture is its these things are readily available everywhere..even the concept of ‘deli’ is an ‘amalgam’ of different foods, internationally -based…what sort of ‘culture’ are you referring to? And let’s not forget, in Judaism, just like Christianity, there are different types of religious Protestant would want to be referred to as a Catholic…

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