The Struggle (Inevitably) Continues….

Chinese miner launches human rights complaint against union

Alleges United Steelworkers Union creating contempt for Chinese people

From CBC online, Dec. 14 2012


By what right does a foreign national, here on a temporary work visa,  sue any Canadian entity?
Try and imagine what would happen in China if such a move were being considered..
Talk about the Devil quoting Scripture – we can only speculate who in the Konbots suggested such a thing to the company in the first place..what else would cause them to file such a complaint, the legality of which seems murky, at best? Oh, sorry, I mean…what else would cause a member of their workforce, so strangely conversant in Canadian rights, to launch such a trial balloon?
Anyone who believes that Right to Work legislation isn’t going to be forthcoming from Harpo’s minions better think again, this is the thin edge of the wedge…

In this land of unintended consequences,  this action might also shine a bright light on the way foreign ‘temporary’ workers are being treated everywhere in Canada, but  that would reflect on the  companies they work for, not to mention the government who allows them to be imported as cheap labour.

No one wants to see a repeat of the horrible treatment of Asians from the last century, often led and condoned by the labour organizations of the time…but Harpo and his puppeteers should be warned that in times of economic crisis (and yes, , decent jobs are still hard to come by in many areas) there is and will continue to be a thin veil of tolerance for  imported help that undermines  what  workers here in Canada have struggled to achieve through  organizing and fighting for better wages and conditions.  By goading the labour movement, ( and that is precisely what the Cons are indirectly doing by these actions)  the inevitable  excesses are likely to occur, and the blame rests squarely on  the rightwing whackjob agenda against  decent pay and conditions for any workers….


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