Chapter 3,275,245 : The Konbots’ Continued War on Seniors …

Passport Canada called ‘asinine’ after ‘insensitive’ comments

Agency suggests seniors avoid travel if 2013 fees too expensive

CBC Dec 21, 2012

All of us, seniors included, better get used to this sort of economic violence..because that is what it is..

Here in BC, they’ve made it impossible for any but the wealthy to travel on ferries, and as a senior who moved to the Island for some peace and quiet, but wanted to be able to travel a bit back to the Mainland, got a rude shock..haven’t been back once. My passport, which expires next year, has gone unused, and with the big increase in costs, the government will be more or less able to keep us prisoners at their will…and keep those Canadian retailers gouging us with impunity. I support buying Canadian, but not when we are being abused  by higher prices with no reason except that, top quote a recent article in HuffPost..Canadians “will pay it.”

Remember the  recent good old days, when there were actual, valuable senior’s discounts?
If you are on a fixed income in this country you are a new brand of criminal, one that is not allowed freedom of  movement or choice. Congrats, once again, to Harper’s Konbots…if you were relying on us as your voting base (not that I was EVER a Con voter) you have just blown it rather badly. Don’t mess with seniors, Cons, or you’ll be sorry come next election.


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