Racism is Alive and Well and Living in ….Canada?

‘A N*gger in Net’: Racism at the World Juniors

from a blog posted in HuffPost on 12/31/2012

I used to be obsessed with hockey…I can remember, with great clarity, the first game I  ever saw…it was in 1972, Boston and  the Habs…within ten minutes, I was hooked, and Montreal has always been “my” team, despite the fact that I’ve never even been to Quebec ..I loved that very macho ballet, the beauty of the skating and the impossibility of scoring made to look simple.


I grew up in California, and it was certainly the most racially diverse place in the country  at the time, during the 50’s and 60’s.  Always hated organized sports  then…I grew up with a father who  used to sit in front of a TV and scream at football players,  so fanatic he was that we weren’t even allowed to talk during commercials, in case he’d miss something..and strangely, though my Dad was an early and vocal advocate of racial equality, he would turn into a southern-fried bigot during games, yelling things at  receivers like “Run, you bastard, run like you got a hot  TV under your arm…” yes, of course, usually at black players (but, not always…)

Now,more than 50 years later, I have to read about all this ugliness directed at Subban, a goalie who was given a chance by a sceptical management, and who has proven to be worthy of that chance, whatever the colour of his skin…and why are we even discussing this in the year 2012-13?  There have been other black players in the hockey world who have acquitted themselves  well, Grant Fuhr comes to mind…why now?

As an immigrant to Canada, decades ago, from the US, I am ashamed and disgusted with anyone who would judge the man in such a troglodyte fashion..are these  jerks  the knuckle-draggers they seem, or is it just a fantasy that Canada  has no prejudice problem…have to wonder how many of these Twits are Yanks, and how many Canadian….but then all professional sports are tainted with idiot ‘fans’ who have to take off their shoes to count to eleven..


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One Response to Racism is Alive and Well and Living in ….Canada?

  1. MoS says:

    Sadly, CP, Canada is not the land we once knew and believed in. There has been a deep transformation driven by a host of forces, individuals and political movements to drive wedges and create socially corrosive rifts. We used to struggle with the English/French divide but we’re now confronting a far uglier left/right split, the sort of thing that empowers racism and other traits. I don’t know what it’s going to take to unite us again or even if that’s possible but I think we’ll pay dearly for it if we don’t find the way.

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