Crusty Clouts Crusader……

B.C. watchdog dumped in secret vote

CBC News 

Posted: Jan 6, 2013 12:56 PM PT



We haven’t had a sitting of the Legislature in so long it may as well be the Third Reich…now the Lieberals are getting rid of people through Legislative Committee? How does that work, and why was this done without the people hearing of it..

Guess John Doyle was doing too good a job (you know, the one he was hired for?) and that doesn’t sit well with Frau Crusty…

Our “Premier” has no shame…first she says there is no business to enact, to rationalize leaving the Leg shut down since …forever, and now she sneaks these actions in behind our collective backs…congrats, Crusty, just another nail in the Lieberal coffin…


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