Bitumen Bandit Barons’ Bluster…Beware BC

Albertans hold fundraiser for B.C. Liberals

B.C.’s governing party has been trailing NDP in latest election polls

CBC News

Posted: Jan 18, 2013 8:48 AM PT


If anyone in  BC dares to claim that the CrustyClown Brigade aren’t Cons in laissez faire clothing, they will be laughed out of the Province after this…
Dix couldn’t possibly beg borrow or steal any better publicity for the NDP, next BC majority government, than this, handed to him on the silver platter of bloated Calgary capitalists, “disturbed” by a party that actually listens to what the citizens in BC want their government to do…no pipeline, no tax breaks for the rich, better treatment of seniors, children, First Nations and oh, yeah, remember the environment, Calgary?
That’s okay, keep spending all that filthy lucre on a losing cause…certain Albertans love to emulate the most disreputable politics of the USA, and here’s another example of just that…trying to buy the next BC election with dirty oil money and push their pipeline through…ain’t gonna happen, cowpokes.


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