A Dental Dilemma – Do I Agree to Pay For Torture?

10 Dental Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Posted: 01/24/2013  in HuffPost


Ah, the dentist’s office…I freely admit to hating  going  to the dentist, as much because of my absolute inability to sit and  smile through excruciating pain as the feeling of absolute helpless hopelessness once they have you reclined,mouthwashed and miserable in those terrible tools of torture they call ‘chairs’….

I would be more apt to spend more time in their offices if they were in fact more interested in my actual health than in maximizing what I have to spend, and I have a dental plan, but it’s a joke…and yes, I do pay premiums for it and I’m retired, needless to say I would only use it in an emergency because I can’t afford to even pay the deductibles for basic things like cleaning..if dentists would stop lobbying so hard to keep their practices private, I’d be much more impressed by all the nonsense in this blog..but I saw that program discussed elsewhere  here…it’s worse than buying a used car out there…and every time I do go for a cleaning, etc.  I wind up with problems I didn’t have before…not to mention the constant attempts to up-sell me..and the massive charges for a bit of painkiller to mitigate the torture (slightly, only slightly)


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One Response to A Dental Dilemma – Do I Agree to Pay For Torture?

  1. I think you may be going to the wrong dentist. Your DDS should be more concerned about you and your health than your insurance coverage. Private practices in the states typically do better with treating you properly than those connected with government that are not private practices. Trying to up-sell a patient while in such a vulnerable position is both unprofessional and unacceptable!

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