A Royal Pain…


Royal baby bill delivered in House of Commons

Act to amend the royal line of succession to be introduced this morning

By Janyce McGregor, CBC News

Posted: Jan 31, 2013 6:57 AM ET


This disgusting relic of the past should be left in the past…it is an embarrassment in the 21st century that Canada even wastes one minute on such insanity when we have pressing problems to deal with…
How much of our taxpayers’ money goes to those political welfare bums, the so-called “Royal” family? Why do we still kowtow to this stupidity, I really thought, foolishly, I guess, that we were past all of this senile sort of thinking..
If a referendum were held today on staying part of the Commonwealth (what a misnomer! The wealth all accrues to these leeches…) I would be willing to bet that Canada would vote to toss them out on their ears…

Of course, this could explain the increasingly unreal ‘entrance’ pattern of our  own legend in his own mind Harper..these days I would not be surprised to see an ermine cape and a crown on his head while he coolly gives the royal wave to his House of Commons’  fervent idolators at every opportunity to make an entrance…


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  1. canapé says:

    Really good article. Thumbs up!

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