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Suncor Voyager Oilsands Upgrader Takes $1.5 Billion Charge, Q4 Loss

CP  |  By Lauren Krugel, The Canadian PressPosted: 02/05/2013 10:08 pm EST  |  Updated: 02/06/2013 9:21 am EST

Aw, what a shame..too bad the whole damn oilsands disaster can’t be shovelled over, cleaned up, and upgraded…it’s long-term prospects are nil…much to the rest of Canada’s delight..
Now let’s build our own refineries (nationalized, the way they always should have been), create our own very viable market and stop sending all our raw resources out of country to the highest bidder. That includes raw logs, water, and anything else we are currently giving away to Conservative interests, anywhere…

The Enbridge pipeline will be a no-go, too, I’m predicting, as the Conbots  start looking at the BC polls and realizing they’ll have a politically suicidal fight on their hands if they try and force it on us…we will fight back…and all the posturing in the world won’t change the facts…the whole Alberta as the cash box for the nation drivel is about to take a deep dive, and hopefully, the Conservatives with it..



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