Hey Hey We’re the Pot Po-Po

Grow-op hidden under hay shed, B.C. RCMP say

CBC News

Last Updated: Feb 10, 2013 2:55 PM PT


Isn’t it just amazing that those backwoods boys in red have finally found something to do -except sit around, wishing for some real crime in their area?
‘Sorrento’ and ‘sophisticated’ hardly seem likely to pair up gracefully in a sentence, and yet, when it comes to grow-ups, nobody does publicity better than the RCMP – it seems that they only ever have success making media mountains out of molehills…
The demand for the product is there, but since no huge Conservative donor corporations are behind grow-ops (at least, as far as we know,) the Provincial and Federal governments that be are not jumping on any legalization bandwagons yet…maybe when the bigger gangs and their affiliates start to realize that becoming corporate sponsors reaps untold benefits, will we see the Pot Po-Po looking the other way…after all, guys, it really is just the cost of doin’ business…


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One Response to Hey Hey We’re the Pot Po-Po

  1. MoS says:

    Mounties? Pot? How do you Taser cannabis?

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