Appointed Trustee in Cowichan. BC? East of Eden…

Cowichan school district eyes closures in wake of deficit

CBC News

Posted: Feb 14, 2013 8:03 AM PT

Last Updated: Feb 14, 2013 9:22 AM PT

Eden Hawthornwaite,the fired past chairperson of the  school trustees in Cowichan,  is being too modest in her assertions, it’s patently obvious that the BC Fiberals were planning this all along..
First, get rid of that pesky, democratically elected school board (all of whom declared their intentions to vote against cuts before they were elected..and the people here voted to elect them anyway!)
Second, ‘appoint’ someone who would do their bidding…not only did Mark MacKay once again slash the budget but now, what a surprise, he will push through still more closures of schools quickly so that Crusty and her Klown Kaucus can ‘show’ a better balanced school budget? Give me a break….
Guess all those unemployed teachers can just log into and find a little something? Don’t bet on it..all those millions of dollars in useless ads and not a penny of it directed to education…
The population is growing here, not shrinking, and perhaps some consolidation is advisable, but every year they ding the Cowichan school budget, and every year, apparently, it isn’t enough…
Look at Vancouver Island’s voting record…most especially the Cowichan Valley..we are staunchly NDP…and that is the real reason for all this fact most of the Island is NDP, and that just fries Crusty’s shorts to no end……

So children will be bussed further and further (and at parents’ expense), classrooms will be more crowded with fewer functioning teachers and support staff..but who needs all that edumacation anyway when your future as a corporate wage slave is all but assured  by less than stellar public education…

Funny how we never hear of Provincially topped-up budgets being slashed for private schools, isn’t it?


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2 Responses to Appointed Trustee in Cowichan. BC? East of Eden…

  1. private schools should not receive funding – that is why they are private and they drain tax dollars away from the “public good”.

    • cityprole says:

      I totally agree..let’s see if the NDP have the political and philosophical will to do something about it…doubt it, somehow…

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