The Empress Has No Clothes…..

B.C. Liberals face budget vote amid ‘ethnic-vote’ scandal

Premier Christy Clark doesn’t rule out possibility of scandal forcing her out

CBC News

Posted: Mar 5, 2013 7:04 AM PT

Clark, like the disgraced Campbell before her, unhappily faces the onslaught of very real scandal;  unlike him, however, she is facing an election with nowhere to hide.

Early in his sojourn as  the Premier of BC,  martini-fortified Campbell was caught, red-handed,  driving drunk in Hawaii while on vacation,  by the police…rumoured to have a female passenger, not his wife, beside him….That rumour was hushed up, and rather quickly, but when you look at old photos of the Campbells, together, taken while Gordo tearfully apologizes to the voters for his bad behaviour, and swears he will be alcohol free forever  ( I noticed that he did not. at least publicly, apologize to his wife,)  Mrs. Campbell could not have looked more grim ….

For some reason, never understood by so many of us, this apology was resignation necessary, or even the threat of one,it was, ah, poor old Campbell, he was a bad boy, hopefully he’s learned his lesson..etc. etc. The voters who supported him continued to do so..scary as that was.

Many, more honourably-inclined  politicians have resigned (and properly so) for far less…or perhaps it was out of fear that far more would be discovered if they persisted in their power-grabbing ways…

Now we have Christy Clark, caught up in a scandal she keeps insisting was not of her making, holding a sham of an inquiry, led by a bureaucrat with no legal right to  ask or get the answers necessary to  understand the extent of the offending paperwork’s reach, or taxpayer dollars spent, on ads and actions  designed to appeal to immigrants as a voting bloc…not always the best tactic if there is any chance of getting caught.  Even her most rabid supporters in the ethnic community must realize how this sort of thing ‘looks’ to every taxpayer out there, already  flogged to death financially by fees, closures  and price increases, by the myriad of governmental tricks and sharp practices designed to squeeze still more from us while simultaneously assuring us in dulcet tones how much they are saving…

Talk about a recipe for cultural backlash..

Ms. Clark, unelected as  she is, overwhelmingly unpopular, even among her own Party members as she is,  should resign immediately, but, of course,  desperately trying to take a page from Gordon Campbell’s playbook, you keep apologizing, hoping it will stick…it won’t…

There are various ways that she can be kneecapped, politically speaking, one is the budget vote..but doubt if this will happen, the other is  the highly unlikely chance that she will resign, or we can try and be patient and wait until May when we can vote her  out.  It would be nice  if she would save  the Province a lot of grief and navel-gazing and simply resigned now, which would  do nothing   but help to  absolve her tatty reputation…the Libs are toast in the next election, and this  is simply the sour rose on the icing on the cake…


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