Subsidizing Reality in BC

B.C. premier’s office mobbed over child-care costs

CBC News

Posted: Mar 9, 2013 4:49 PM PT

Lots of people complain that those who cannot afford childcare should simply stay home, or conversely, have no children until they can afford them (the 12th of never for many.)
Let’s be honest and creative here (and, full disclosure, I have no children) and take the money, with which we already subsidize the rich parent and pay into private schools, and transfer it to a subsidy for daycare, based on a sliding scale of ability to pay, just like our medical plan here in BC.
It would be fabulous to have no medical premiums like other Provinces, or subsidized daycare like Quebec, but BC isn’t yet prepared for either of those things…however, we could take from the rich and give to the not so rich…
I really resent paying taxes that support private schools, when the wealthy parents of students have more than adequate funds to comer the tuition f their kids,  yet so many public schools here go begging for scraps.
Daycare has become a real necessity, just like two incomes, to support an average family, so why not get creative with what we have?


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