Throwing Down the Dirty Oil Gauntlet

Pacific Pipeline Crucial For Canada, Baird Says In Asia

CBC  |  Posted: 03/13/2013 7:39 am EDT

What’s crucial, Baird is that you develop some level of adult understanding regarding the fact that BC doesn’t want it to happen..ergo, it will NOT happen..
Giving rosy reports to Asian business types doesn’t change the facts…we will do everything and anything we can to stop it if that is what it takes…
I’m just hoping that you ConClowns won’t be re-elected and try and shove this down the West Coast’s collective throat, because, whatever you throw at us, it ain’t gonna happen without a fight, a nasty one if necessary.
Repeat after me, until it reaches whatever buried cognitive level you still possess…not gonna happen, Baird……
Why not tell your BFF Black, who wants to open a refinery on the Coast here, to move it to Alberta? That way, you get your dirty oil refined at home, and Canadians can actually make use of it, instead of continuing to send our raw resources away to be given value-added status in other countries, and then forcing us to buy it back at inflated prices…Makes no sense, politically or economically..but if it is a fight you want, well, bring it on…

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