Banks? Fuggetaboutit………

RBC replaces Canadian staff with foreign workers

Axed employee blows whistle; federal government investigating

By Kathy Tomlinson, CBC News

Posted: Apr 6, 2013 5:31 PM PT

This is going to sound like an unpaid ode to Credit Unions, so be it…in this case, because I know it best, VanCity…not only are Credit Unions competitive with bank rates of interest, mortgages, etc. but you own the CU through shares, and you vote on the Board of Directors…you decide where charitable donations go through voting..a democratic bank that pays interest money based not just on your deposits or transaction record, but also dividends at the end of each fiscal would never catch a CU pulling this sort of stunt.

I haven’t “banked” for many years, and never will again…they are, as they say in the States, banksters – and now, just like Tony Soprano, when he needs someone ‘whacked,’ RBC  are hiring some outta town guys to do the dirty deed, and whatever money you have in the RBC is helping to finance this ‘hit’ on Canadian workers..ultimately leading, as things do, to taxpayers’ money being used to support them if they cannot find other work…

As one of the Cons’ biggest financial supporters, it should come as no surprise that they are getting away with this job-killing during a supposed crackdown on foreign workers…but then, by  the time the ‘investigation’ supposedly taking place occurs, it will be all over with, these  Canadians will be permanently unemployed for the most part, and the bank can once again reel in a record profit…

As far as anyone with  a grain of sensitivity to Canadians being employed in Canada is concerned,   and by the Cons’ very definition of anyone or anything in disagreement with their ‘philosophy,’  these banksters  are true economic terrorists……


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