‘Winds’ Of Change: Is That the Smell of Filthy Lucre?

Winds of change blowing hard as B.C. goes to the polls

Can Liberal Premier Christy Clark break the NDP’s momentum?

By Stephen Smart, CBC News

Posted: Apr 15, 2013 2:18 AM PT

Hey,  Christy, the funny thing about having a big ol’ corporate-sponsored war chest…it no longer guarantees an election win for Cons and Conlites in Liberal clothing…what has happened over the last few years in  the US might be useful to think about….
First, the “winds’ of change in California..Meg Whitman, a wealthy, rather nasty Republican chancer  with a massive war chest, easily defeated by Jerry Brown, a true progressive..
Two, the US Supreme Court with the ‘Citizens United’ decision makes corporations the same as people, and the billions spent on elections to finance the Right against the Democrats resulted in….Obama getting elected, easily.
We can only hope that there is an end to corporate influence being the only criteria for a successful campaign.


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