Here, KIti, Kiti, Kiti……..

China’s largest bank in deal to finance Kitimat refinery

ICBC will also provide engineering and construction help to build refinery

CBC News

Posted: Apr 18, 2013 6:08 PM PT

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2013 9:38 PM PT

Fascinating, isn’t it, how the BC Liberals keep on sneaking around the public all the while acting as if they are ‘horrified’ at the thought of a pipeline, yet they  so obviously  are up to their guilty necks in this  refinery business…

David Black, a truly worthy successor to the Black name in Canada, although supposedly not related to Conrad, late of the American prison system..David Black is Canada’s small-time answer to Rupert Murdoch,  took over every community BC paper he could find and dumbed them down to the point of torpidity… I wondered about his agenda at the time…now we all know.

And involving China?  Well that’s just a natural, after their involvement in the dirty tar sands ‘project’….now that they have done such a nasty job of destroying the environment of Northern Alberta, time to start in on BC. That way, we get the combination of a dangerous pipeline, a pollution – spewing refinery, and the danger of spills in our waters…wow, what a deal! Talk about a suicidal alternative…

Nope…keep your dirty bitumen in Alberta, and refine it there….we aren’t interested in any sort of pipeline here in BC…we can only hope and pray that Crusty hasn’t done an end run around BC voters and approved this disaster-in-the-making, only to have it sprung on us  right after the next election, a la Campbell and  his little HST scam with  his  BFF, Harper…

Scary stuff…..



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