That’s Crude, Dude, not Chocolate….

B.C. NDP leader slammed for opposition to pipeline

Liberals call Dix’s new position the “Kinder Morgan Surprise”

CBC News

Posted: Apr 23, 2013 7:28 PM PT

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2013 10:00 PM PT

I’m guessing that right about now the NDP is kicking back and relaxing…obviously, they don’t have to do a thing to become the government of choice in this Province  because the BC Libs are happy to do it for them..
Should the Libs actually take a glance at a poll of BC citizens re this pipeline, or any pipeline coming through our beautiful Province, they might discover that, among their other unpopular positions, the Libs are completely out of touch with the surprise there..and to ignore the newly ‘revealed’ info  that 48% of all the population in Canada  comes from Alberta’s beloved tar sands should have clued them in…and the Greens are attacking Dix for this position, too?  Must be stealing Harper’s technique of attacking anything that seems like it may just be some sort of threat…makes their ‘environmentally – correct’ stance seem a sham….
But to ‘attack’ Dix for his stance on this extremely contentious issue is to make it blatantly obvious that they need to go, sooner rather than later…


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