The Uneducated Masses Strike a Blow for…?

Middle Schools Closed In Cowichan Valley, School Bus Fees Implemented

CP  |  By The Canadian PressPosted: 05/16/2013 10:48 am EDT  |  Updated: 05/16/2013 11:14 am EDT (found  in Huffington Post)


And this action was  signed off on instantaneously,  about 2 seconds after the results of the dismal election were announced…viva the People’s Republic of Vancouver Island! If ever we needed to separate and form our own Province, this should make it obvious…. and  watch those  ‘environmental impact’ studies get fast-tracked for a pipeline through our Province..let’s get ready for the fight if our lives, folks,for our beautiful interior and  coastline…because nothing else will stop the corporate greedbags now..

And I’d like to wish a fond farewell to those  members of   former Cowichan School Board, democratically elected by the people ( who knew in advance of the election that these progressive school board trustees would  vote against the government imposed budget reductions) and unceremoniously dumped  for doing what they said they would…

‘Cowichan’ comes from the local First Nations word for ‘Warmland’ and I get  the distinct feeling it’s gonna get a lot warmer here, after this announcement…

So much for democracy, and thanks again to all those BCers who didn’t bother to vote (only 48% did) …your pathetic  lack of interest in your own future  leads me to  revisit the idea of  a mandatory  vote, but then, you’d probably just pay the fine rather than get off your butts, or actually think…..


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One Response to The Uneducated Masses Strike a Blow for…?

  1. karen says:

    I just cannot believe there are that many vile and stupid people in the province. I would be more than happy for all of them to get exactly what they deserve now, except I wish you and I and the bears and salmon weren’t going to have to get it too. I am going to follow The Song of The Watermelon’s advice though and make sure the next four years are anything but easy.

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