Rolling (Over) on the River….

Holmes Hydro can proceed without environmental assessment

The Canadian Press

Posted: May 18, 2013 1:30 PM PT

Last Updated: May 18, 2013 2:19 PM PT

And this is our BC Supreme Court? Bought and paid for…disgusting display of arrogance and ignorance..the Court must have been stacked with Albertans, because no BC judge in his or her right mind would use an excuse  like convenience and economic ‘hardship’ to  ignore  an environmental assessment..really, tell us, what will it take to get this Province to  stand up for itself?  To protect the beauty we have, to maintain our coastlines and keep our watersheds  clean and non-polluting, and what few fish we have left allowed their dwindling spawning grounds…does everything have to be decided on the basis of dollars?

When this act of abject moral cowardice is placed alongside  our First Nations ‘ admirable and courageous stand against pipelines being built in their traditional territories, it makes our BC Supreme Court seem far less than Supreme….more like the squabbling little capitalist sycophants they so obviously are….the rest of the world must be wondering just what the hell is wrong with BC, that these acts of destruction  can occur with such ease…and that the ignorant voters here just gave the government the mandate to  continue with this destruction…

Well if  Clark can find a riding willing to elect her, and she does end up leading the Province, we  can only hope that she will consider the fact that the difference between her majority and an NDP one was about 5%…and take the strong feelings of BCers into account on these matters of enviromental protection…are you holding your breath, too?


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