Strength in Numbers, or Just Numb?

Unifor: CAW, CEP Merger Creates Largest Private-Sector Union In Canada

Posted: 05/30/2013 11:59 am EDT  |  Updated: 05/30/2013 5:12 pm EDT

Considering that CUPE, the largest public sector union, seems to be powerless when it really matters, I’m not sure what difference this is going to make to the private sector…the same things apply to both sectors – if the membership isn’t willing to fight back against the government and the corporate greed, then no union can  do a thing…the members have to be willing to put their butts on the line, and mean it, not capitulate at every turn…as usual, things will have to get really bad before they get better…and with all the meaningless distractions in the news these days, re Ford and Duffy, it wouldn’t surprise me if Harper and the ConJobs aren’t working on something nefarious right now, something typically anti-labour to sneak in  while the media are distracted by petty b.s.  that really  doesn’t matter in the long run…

Does this sound depressing?  After the BC election results, I am convinced that  the public has lost it’s appetite for  fighting what seems more and more inevitable…

It isn’t so much that the wrong Party won, it is that so few people voted…so that  around 28% actually elected this provincial  Party…if that sort of disinterest can be said to be mirrored in union negotiations, I can’t see much hope for the public, or private sector workers in the years to come…


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