Yes, We Have No Compensation…..


WorkSafeBC uses questionable methods to deny claim

CBC News

Posted: Jun 4, 2013 5:52 AM PT

Last Updated: Jun 5, 2013 6:18 AM PT


This gentleman is very lucky to have found some help through the CBC, but I can assure anyone who thinks this is the end, that it isn’t..
WorkSafe BC has gone from being an agency created and funded to help to  to protect the worker,  to a corporate tool to deny claims whenever and wherever possible, and has been just that for more than a decade..
I don’t know if CBC was made aware of this fact, but WorkSafeBC actually
rewards businesses that have no claims/fewer claims on a yearly basis, and of course, this triggers all sorts of alarms, since the motivation is to deny all claims, and fight the ones that challenge the ruling, to keep your numbers down…especially true in the public sector…yes, I do know this for a fact…as a retired worker with a story of my own, which I won’t bore anyone with, I can speak from experience…this organization exists purely as window dressing for workers, and as a cudgel for corporate interests, both private and public (is there a difference,  any more?)

Unions are all placed in the damn-near impossible position of  fighting these rulings (where unions still exist) and are brought to their financial knees by expensive lawyers on retainer who  fight at every step…have to wonder what that ends up costing  the taxpayer..because make no mistake, you and I are paying, even indirectly for this attack on sick and injured workers….

Strangely, this attitude lines up perfectly with the defeat of the NDP here in BC by Gordon Campbell, along with the destruction of the Red Seal certification oversight of the Apprenticeship Program, which got in the way of his rich corporate donors…who wanted to pay  everyone slave wages to develop properties for for huge profits to fill the greedy maw of their offshore accounts..they of course, priced themselves out of the market, as many condos stand empty…and the need for certified, well-trained apprentices is overwhelming the workforce here, leading to  jobs being  sent elsewhere…smart move, Gordo….

While injured workers like John Peeters have to deal with the fallout from this corporate attack on worker’s rights and union-bashing that continues, unabated,  BCers will be left in the  dark as to what the  “job creation” mandate of the newly elected (by  28% of the vote) BC Liberals, or Conlites, might really look like…can  so-called “right to work” legislation be  very far down the road?


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