One Dime Short and a Day Late…BC Ferries Sucks

BC Ferries refuses woman 10 cents short on ferry fare

Company spokesperson says the rules are the rules

CBC News

Posted: Jun 24, 2013 8:46 AM PT

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2013 8:45 AM PT



Was there no one in the line – up to give/loan this woman a single dime?
Is the fare taker, a well paid union employee (as I once was) so heartless that she wouldn’t cough it up herself? This is really pathetic…why not have a small coin box for just these situations (like most retail stores do) so that no one has to be humiliated or inconvenienced…and BC Ferries, if this is indeed your ironclad policy, you are looking worse than ever…didn’t think that was possible…
I once was behind a woman with a little girl in a produce store, and the child had picked up an apple that her mum didn’t have quite enough to pay for, along with her other groceries…a difference of 24 cents…the cashier was really snotty about it, and I gave her a quarter to cover the apple…effusive thanks from the mum, dirty looks from the cashier…sometimes it’s a sad world we’re living in…


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5 Responses to One Dime Short and a Day Late…BC Ferries Sucks

  1. creekside1 says:

    “Was there no one in the line – up to give/loan this woman a single dime?”

    Actually she arrived with a quarter to top up the 10 cents shortfall on her prepaid BC Ferries Experience card, but the BC Ferries rules say you cannot buy a ticket with a combination of cash and Experience card so she would have had to put the $60 minimum on her Experience card to use it and she didn’t have that much on her so she had to wait 24 hours for her bank to open.

    The Experience Card – a no-interest credit loan to BC Ferries from its passengers.

    • cityprole says:

      It still sucks….about as anal retentive as every other bureaucratic stupidity/nightmare we have to deal with…

  2. Willie Kerr says:

    As a ferry employee and am deeply embarrassed and shamed by the actions of the employee and the response from Debrah Marshall…pretty sad!

  3. graham hill says:

    What is with BC Ferries? Scottish at the top? My son’s new Argentinian father-in-law, here for the wedding, was denied the seniors’ discount this week because he is not a resident of BC. Canadian? Yes, dual citizenship, formerly a Professor of Music at U of T. The execs give themselves huge bonuses based on performance goals, like depositing a $20 million + gift from the Government, and screw the common folk for every damn nickel. Welcome to BC.

    • cityprole says:

      Oh dear…if your name wasn’t a Scots’ one, I’d swear…
      I never knew that the senior’s discount was only for BC, that really sucks..
      I’m really looking forward to turning 65, when I get a gold card and can board the ferry for free (as a walk-on)..
      And just think, the voters of BC (in their wisdom) elected the Provincial Libs (Con lite) yet again…so this insanity will continue..
      It’s embarrassing to live here, at times…

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