Pricey Passports R Us……..

Canadian ePassports arrive July 1

New ePassports feature electronic chips, other security features

CBC News

Posted: Jun 28, 2013 2:55 PM ET


Not only are the passports getting even more outrageously expensive, but if you get a ten year passport, you get a deal!  Step right up, wealthy elites..5 years, $120, and ten years, $160!  Whatta deal, eh? The government is complaining that they lose money at the old rates….and once again, we  get shellacked for their economic ineptitude when it comes to the bonuses and fabulous salaries of  Con upper echelon in the bureaucracy…  and the article points out that the ‘new’ passport has ‘security’ features to keep those pesky forgers at bay…

The real reason Canadian passports  are so widely forged must be  that they are ridiculously could any bureaucracy lose money at such a rate? Oh, wait…we’re talking about the Canadian bureaucracy..

Guess those overpriced staffers in the PMO office need their raises badly…
This will certainly keep all but the well-off from daring to attempt to leave the country-at least, legally…Canadian Passports-priceless (literally)
I realize the Cons are doing all they can to keep everyone but the most wealthy immigrants from moving here, but this is a step beyond….


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2 Responses to Pricey Passports R Us……..

  1. Liam Young says:

    I hear you about other ‘costs’ associated with running the government (or those that run us), but complaining about spending $16 per year for the right to an embassy, right to travel, right to security while abroad and other privileges seems like a deal to me. Let’s focus on the costs of the F35s instead!

    • cityprole says:

      And, Liam, I hear you, the problem is that Emperor Steve and his minions would no more agree to letting us make yearly payments of $16 than they would consider a better deal for seniors, or income-based costs…but then, only the rich can really afford to travel anyway, right?

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