Tomb Much Death-Worship

Tomb Found At Richard III Burial Site To Be Opened

LiveScience  |  By Megan GannonPosted: 07/23/2013 2:53 pm EDT

Just  great, another wealthy religious group  spends millions on still another church/Disneyland while the poor in England get tossed from their housing, the social fabric is being eroded, and  the government continues to attack the worst -off..guess that is just the cost of doing business, especially for ‘Christians’…

I guess I’m in the minority, but never understood how a dead body (no longer that person, just a collection of flesh and bone,or in this case, probably bone) has to bear the brunt of a bunch of religious mumbo-jumbo about decency, etc…
A dead body is just that..not the person who lived in it, just some biological material..if we stopped with the sacredness junk, maybe we could get some answers, not to mention space, if dead material was cremated instead of buried in overpriced coffins with overwrought ritual..celebrate their lives, what was in the past is passed….


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