Vancouver Island: A New Provincial Idea…

Vancouver Island To Be A Province If Separatists Get Their Way

The Huffington Post Canada  |  Posted: 08/06/2013 2:43 pm EDT

I have often spoken and written about  Vancouver Island becoming it’s own province, and  now someone is doing something concrete about it..

I have  links, below, to both the Federal and provincial petitions being circulated (these need to be printed out, signed and returned.)

We have consistently voted  against the rest of the Province, most of the time anyway..and we are almost solidly NDP..’We have a vibrant agricultural, fishing and forestry sector, the arts are alive and well, with  I would guesstimate more artisans living and working  per square inch than certainly the rest of the Province, and possibly the rest of the country..we are one of the key tourist destinations in the country, and even our largest urban area is a sea of tranquillity and easy going compared to the frantic pace of  the outliers…

We have been isolated by outrageous ferry costs, on what should be simply  a part of the highway system..we are heavily taxed for this but derive almost no benefit..our senior centres are closed and/or privatized, our hospitals are fought for, tooth and nail, our health authority is a poorly managed pathetic joke, and we pay through the nose for services we never seem to qualify for…ever…We believe we are perfectly  capable of deciding our own destiny, despite what the idiot naysayers in the Twit-sphere are saying (never was a form of social hiding and snarling so aptly named…)

It has been a long time coming, and success may be out of reach but we need to try..we would never consider stepping away from Canada, quite the opposite…we just want to decide our own destiny..if Newfoundland and Labrador can do it, so can we..

Take a moment to read the links and make up your own mind….


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4 Responses to Vancouver Island: A New Provincial Idea…

  1. Daphne and I have also written and spoken about Vancouver Island going its own way, the latest post having been in December 2010.

  2. MoS says:

    It’s a useful idea but I don’t know that I’d like to see the larger, coastal community split. What happens with Haida Gwaii or the north coast? Who takes the Gulf Islands? What of the Sunshine Coast up to Lund? Actually, I’d prefer Cascadia.

    • cityprole says:

      Of course, if I were deciding, all Gulf Islands and the Sunshine Coast, as well as
      Haida Gwaii (which, of course, is already i`s own nation..) would be welcome
      Having lived in Lund for a few years back in the 80`s,
      have to say we always had more of an affinity to the Island anyway (closer)…

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