Ice Floe Condos for Seniors?


CMA poll finds golden years filled with ‘anxiety’

Poll backs national plan on seniors’ health care

CBC News

Posted: Aug 19, 2013 10:53 AM ET

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2013 11:00 AM ET

Considering this is the pro-privatization of the medical system – CMA, rather like a certified (or certifiable) Fraser Institute, it’s hard not to laugh at these patently obvious stats..of course we are anxious, but it is successive  so-called  Provincial and Federal ‘Liberal’ and Con governments that have gutted senior’s services to the point that we have to wonder if it will one day lead, as Farley Mowat once wrote so tellingly, to  elders being placed on floating ice islands and left to their fate…and considering how very little support there is in Canada  for  climate change initiatives, that time might come sooner rather than later, at the rate that glaciers and ice fields are breaking apart these days…

Of course, even such egregious exploiters of our ‘socialist’ medical system as  the private clinics who play on the greed  of those dissatisfied with mere ‘comfort’ in their lifestyles (read:  some doctors)  know that if things get worse, they will only have the very rich to rely on to support them, and the very rich don’t even bother to get their serious medical services at home, when they can border-hop and cue jump at will…it is the rest of us ‘average’ citizens  who will ultimately pay the real price …



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