Molehill Revisited….

Manitoba deputy premier sorry for ‘white people’ remark

Premier used phrase ‘do-good white people’ to describe women’s shelter in Winnipeg

CBC News

Posted: Aug 23, 2013 12:21 PM CT

Last Updated: Aug 23, 2013 5:23 PM CT

Well it does suck that a scantily-clothed group/person  would be raising money for a women’s shelter..oh, wait…
This harkens back to the bad old days where it was  thought, even believed, that rape and violence against women was motivated by sex, you know, the short skirt syndrome?
Violence is violence, and who better to raise funds for the shelter than another group of women..sounds like Putin was involved in this decision, instead of a pearl-clutching Ms. Fontaine who sounds like a throwback to the ’50’s…
George Bernard Shaw wrote a play in 1905  called “Major Barbara,” about a wealthy young woman who joins the then-new  Salvation Army to do good, only to have to contend with her father, a wealthy man through his liquor business (the bane of the Sally Ann) trying to donate to the cause…the hypocrisy of some people, whatever their ethnic background, is really offensive, and apparently no one has learned anything since Shaw…

What sucks is that a major news outlet would turn this rather turgid affair into a ‘newsworthy’ headline about racism, rather than what it really example of how little any politician anywhere has learned about violence against women…whatever their ethnicity…


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