Bitumen Off More Then They Can Chew…..


Northern Gateway pipeline to be running by 2018, says Enbridge

Project will be approved in 2014 and moving oil by 2018, company says

The Canadian Press Posted: Oct 02, 2013 6:46 AM PT Last Updated: Oct 02, 2013 7:44 AM PT

Fascinating, isn’t it, how these oily creeps assume that they are winning the fight…the fight hasn’t even begun, though Harpo and his puppeteers might  argue the opposite..

Here we are, some of us believing that the ‘talks’ are ongoing, that nothing has been truly decided, and  here they go spouting their words of smug acceptance, as if the discussion were over..

There is a reason why these sorts of announcements (should I say pronouncements) are made publicly..they have the psychological effect of making us believe that the  end is  all but decided, and that resistance is useless…they are truly insane if they believe that….

And yet we here in BC voted Clark in on her ‘decision’ against the pipeline, should have known it was a ploy to get votes…she learned from Chretien, who refused to stick us in Iraq, that this sort of populist pretending works wonders in elections..the difference, of course, is that Chretien meant it, but Clark? Just a contrived response to get re-elected, and it worked..and now she’s backtracking, Harper is flamboyantly ordering the US to accept his terms, and the oil corps are sitting back, smug, rich and about to get richer (they think…)
Crusty may have won the election, but that hasn’t taken the fight out of dirty oil barons are gonna have a nasty surprise on your hands if you even think about trying it.


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3 Responses to Bitumen Off More Then They Can Chew…..

  1. Stumbled across your blog from a comment on some news site. Read a few posts. I’m interested, since I’m from Alberta, about how we are viewed out there in BC generally. Recognize that the Island people might be different from the city folk and the northern denizens. Anyway, you seem to have opinions 🙂 and talk about a number of the current issues so I’m curious.

    • cityprole says:

      It may seem arrogant of me, but when it comes to a pipeline running through our Province, and tankers plying the waters around our beautiful coastline, I think that I can state absolutely that the majority of people in this Province are vehemently opposed..and don’t let my Island residency fool you. I would be opposed to this either way, Mainland or Island, and perhaps we are a bit more protective here on Vancouver Island, but that is because we have a gorgeous place to protect..sorry, but Alberta is looking more moonscape than anything else these days..genuinely frightening, and the poisoning of the environment and victimized Albertans do nothing to improve our mood..Lots of city types (I used to be one myself) are trashed by country rednecks who say that urbanites don’t ‘understand’ the need for jobs, blah blah, etc. but that isn’t true..or important..What is important is that this will be a seriously fought issue, and all the naysayers in the world won’t change our resolve..this one won’t slip by us, not now, not ever…
      Will that do?

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