Not So Special, After All?

Unemployed Doctors? 1 in 6 New Specialists Can’t Find Work, Study Says

CP  |  By Helen Branswell, The Canadian PressPosted: 10/10/2013 12:01 am EDT  |  Updated: 10/10/2013 10:01 am EDT

Not too surprising, I live on Vancouver Island where there are two (2) dermatologists for the entire island, with many hundreds of thousands of residents in two main areas, hours from each other..Places like Lake Cowichan boldly trumpet a nurse arriving, when what they really need are doctors (their last one is retiring…) There aren’t enough specialists here, there aren’t enough GPs here, and we are being underfunded to death by an uncaring Province and Feds who aren’t too interested in a place that consistently votes NDP and Green…I cannot change doctors here because no other new GP is ‘allowed’ to take on a patient in the entire Cowichan Valley because there are so many people with no doctor at all, or so they say…which means that I am stuck with my increasingly weird GP until I move, nothing more than a forced migration back to the city, which I am in the process of doing…
It’s not just a shortage for new grads, who have so much to offer in respect of youthful energy and the most current techniques for dealing with issues, but a shortage of available reliable doctors of any type inflicted on us by a government intent on warehousing patients in the most economically efficient manner, and that’s just the cost of doing business, folks!


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