‘Trade Deal’ Sure Isn’t the “New Deal”


5 ways the Canada-EU trade deal will impact Canadians

By Susana Mas, CBC News Posted: Oct 18, 2013 9:16 PM ET Last Updated: Oct 19, 2013 8:03 AM ET



I trust Harper even less than I trusted Mulroney, and I didn’t trust him at all…
Why is something so ‘momentous’ not put to a referendum in this country? Why do we not get the facts long before these sorts of agreements are signed, sealed and delivered?
Probably because, just like NAFTA, the bad far outweighs the ‘good’…
I notice that all our prices of goods are more expensive than the US, despite promises of a tariff free Nirvana for all..what a crock!
This flies in the face of everything we know and hate about these sorts of ‘agreements’ and we, as citizens, agreed to nothing. The worst part about it is, with an ageing population, Harpo has now made sure all his friends from all those Bilderberg conferences, like Big Pharma, will be able to continue to stick it to us for a few more years, causing the cost of prescription drugs to remain high..all the newly established do-ops and farmers, small manufacturers who have created the means,  not only for healthy and sustainable food here in Canada, but locally grown and therefore less  negative on a pollution level, will now be looking over their shoulders…
Employers must be gleeful…they will now have unfettered access to all those cheap labour pools in Europe, a great way for European ethnocentrics to rid themselves of refugee populations..selling us out once again…
Congrats, Harpo, you are going out with a rather nasty whimper….and betraying those who were foolish enough to support you, as well as the majority who did not.


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