Nothing is Free, Including Gluten-Free

Gluten free is ‘nonsense’ says Wheat Belly author

William Davis speaks at the Vancouver Convention Centre tonight

CBC News Posted: Oct 24, 2013 8:14 AM PT Last Updated: Oct 24, 2013 8:14 AM PT

While there may be lots of ‘junk’ offerings in the gluten free arena these days, the fact is that by avoiding wheat my rather horrible symptoms, in very small doses, I can once again eat wheat..but if I overdo it..yep, symptoms return..Rationally speaking, avoiding wheat is almost impossible in North American diets of any type. Right up there with corn syrup in so many processed foods, and if you try and avoid them, it gets very expensive to constantly eat fresh and eat local at the same time, never mind find a healthy substitute for the grain we were all raised on. I do try, whenever financially feasible, to be a locavore, and lucky for me live in a farm area that is known for it’s healthy ingredients and huge number of farmer’s markets, etc….but it’s not cheap..

What is really needed is a complete rethinking and retooling  of food strategies in the West, but of course, with all the big money and big corporate involvement in food processing (can you say General Foods, or Monsanto?) chances are it won’t be coming along anytime soon…


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