The Revolution will Start, With or Without Me….

Russell Brand’s Epic Interview With BBC’s Jeremy Paxman Just Might Start A Revolution (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post  |  By Posted: 10/25/2013 4:11 pm EDT

Many have seen Russel Brand’s remarkable interview with Jeremy Paxman, either on TV or YouTube..if not  please go to the HuffPo article cited here and see it..the best ten minutes you’ll have today, or the worst, depending on your point of view… Politicians ‘don’t lay a glove’ on Paxman, or bother trying,  because they realize that, as ‘progressive’ as he is, he is entertainment and our ‘ 22 Minutes,’  funny, and every politician co-operates, knowing that laughter is the best distraction from their pathetic reality…and ours…. I had no idea that Russel Brand was so erudite and brilliant..absolutely the best on the spot analysis of current reality that I’ve heard, ever…and he has made me consider, very carefully, whether in fact I should bother to vote at all..being of another generation, and Canadian to boot, I will probably continue to vote for the least offensive, and hope for the best, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t right about what he says, and coming from a working class background gives him all the authority he needs to express this frustration that touches many of us, who view the world with discouraged eyes. The reason I took out Canadian citizenship was for the right and privilege to vote…raised in the States, I knew what a hard -fought thing the right to vote could be, and felt that democracy in this form (Canadian) was somehow far superior to the US version.  I would be staying here, and waned to be able to participate fully.. After all these years of Harper’s dictatorial style and a real lack of anything like progressive politics being practiced in this country, I am coming around to the idea that our system is a decayed one, and we need an alternative that probably doesn’t exist yet.  Hopefully, in the fullness of whatever time our planet may have left, this new system will be devised..the torch definitely needs to get passed…my generation (yes, my name is Wendi and I’m a boomer) has screwed up all the promise of our youthful exuberance, in our innocence and childish greed…


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