*Yawn* Another ‘Scandal’ Masks the Real Issues


Senator Mike Duffy’s bombshell allegations raise more questions

Duffy says PMO coached him to lie about source of $90,000 cheque

CBC News Posted: Oct 29, 2013 6:02 AM ET Last Updated: Oct 29, 2013 11:42 AM ET


And yet, I hear nothing from the chattering classes, so to speak..no one I know thinks that this is anything but a bunch of entitled whiners, whining..Harper is right about one thing, the economics of the Senate scandal only confuse. or bore, the ‘base’ and right now it’s hard to tell if the basest instincts of self-preservation are even alive and well in the citizenry..
Personally speaking, its’s nothing much in terms of a serious issue, which makes it convenient for the ConJobs to writhe out of it like a snake down a deep hole..but the principle of the thing is what seems to escape voters..
Remember the absolute assault on the Libs, not that long ago, for the kickback scandal..?
The public was screaming for blood, and almost decimated the Party federally…now? Not much, a bunch of Cons conning each other, and have to say, no one cares much except the media, who seem to be desperately trying to engage the public in the manufactured horror of it all..
I’m much  more concerned about what is about to happen..the EU-Canada not so free trade agreement we are only just hearing about now, the continuing real horror of the two or three effort s to pave the country, East and West, with the offal of dirty bitumen..these are real issues, not manufactured distractions from the anals of the Con mind…misspelling on purpose..
It’s not that I don’t agree that this ‘scandal’ shows Harper, once again, for the tyrannical, conniving bully that he so obviously is…it’s just that I don’t, no, can’t care, about a few Cons who got caught up in his machinations..they should have known better, and the Stinky Three get no sympathy from me, you know, lie down with dogs…..


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2 Responses to *Yawn* Another ‘Scandal’ Masks the Real Issues

  1. Stew says:

    You must be interested in some way, by Nigel’s 90k check? You know, the one no one has ever seen, including the Duffster? Hmm, if a check is issued behind closed doors, does it make it onto the Senate’s official ledger?

    • cityprole says:

      I actually listened to his last speech, and he made a point of pretending (?) that there was no check from Nigel…an odd sort of little bit of theatre..
      Problem is, I don’t trust him or Harpo, so who knows, who can say, and really, who cares?
      There are more important things being ignored, which, IMHO, is exactly what the Cons want..our pathetic version of celebrity scandals for enough people to semi-focus on and ignore what is important…

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