Rob Ford: I’m No Edsel…


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford ‘could easily get re-elected’

The mayor’s base of support hasn’t eroded much, say experts

By Andre Mayer, CBC News Posted: Nov 05, 2013 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Nov 05, 2013 6:32 AM ET


Ford’s so-called ‘apology’ was the smart move for him…after all, it worked for Gordon Campbell, here in BC..Convicted of drunk driving in Hawaii, Campbell crocodile – tearfully went public and the mea culpas went straight to the twisted hearts of every right-winger in the Province…if a progressive  politician were to do any of this, the cry would be for blood..but being a drunk and a druggie is okay, as long as those commies don’t get elected, right?
The fact that these chemicals alter the brain seems to matter not at all, because, let’s face it, thinking is not part of the right wing agenda, just the odd salute and diehard support will do for Ford and his Machiavellian brother, Doug,  who is riding  Rob’s coat tails into provincial politics, it seems, and if Mike Harris could get elected in Ontario, why not those fabulous Ford brothers, eh?

And  I always thought that it couldn’t get an more insane than that crazed discount store ranter and his strange version of realty…hallucinatory   agendas seem to be the norm in Toronto…


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One Response to Rob Ford: I’m No Edsel…

  1. see page says:

    Rob Ford has already served a full term in office as Mayor of Toronto. Despite that, he appears completely incapable of providing even a reasonable explanation for how he intends to fund his campaign promises. Rob doesn’t know how City Council functions. Rob doesn’t know how to secure project funding. Rob doesn’t know what he’s voting on half the time.

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