BC is Sold Out Again: Christy & Allison

Northern Gateway Pipeline Pricetag: Enbridge CEO Lauds Alberta-B.C. Deal, Updating Price

CP  |  By Lauren Krugel, The Canadian PressPosted: 11/06/2013 11:20 am EST  |  Updated: 11/06/2013 4:02 pm EST

I applaud the NDP for standing against the encroachment and destruction of a pipeline, and the only reason Crusty got elected is that she made noises about being against it…not the other way around…who writes these articles analysing the election as lost because the NDP didn’t support the pipeline..hogwash~!
Now that she’s shown her true colours by sucking up to Redford and Alberta, those who voted for her (or didn’t vote because they were lazy enough to think that the NDP had it in the bag) can break their arms patting themselves on the back..because Clark, just like she really always was, is all about Big Money, and always will be, but like all Cons and Con-Lites, she’ll say anything, promise anything, to get elected..now look at what we have..
The struggle against the pipeline will continue, it’s no fait accompli, but our dim fellow BCers better wake up to the fact that this was always part of the strategy.


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One Response to BC is Sold Out Again: Christy & Allison

  1. John B. says:

    Clark had good advisers. They understood that most members of the public don’t know how to recognize a political pillow fight.

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