Morality-Lite: MacKay’s Glass House

Trudeau, Ford Set Bad Example For Country: Justice Minister  |  Posted: 11/17/2013 11:09 am EST



Hey, McKay, pot callin’ the kettle..guess it’s okay to waste taxpayers’ money, and be the kind of grifter that imperiously orders up a an Armed Forces helicopter when you need a ride from your fishing trip..and hey, wasn’t that you lyin’ your face off to Orchard about your Con philosophy/loyalty, then throwing him under the bus at the first opportunity?
No fan of either RoFo or Junior Trudeau, but, c’mon, stones and glass houses and that sort of thing, Pete.

Can this government and it’s morality-lite bunch of Consters get any more self-righteous, and any more wrong?

The  ironic thing is that many Con politicians and hangers-on are enthusiastic supporters of at least decriminalizing  pot.


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