Ferry Tales Can Come True…..

BC Ferries to cut sailings, seniors’ discounts, add slot machines

Transportation Minister Todd Stone says cuts will save $19 million by 2016

CBC News Posted: Nov 18, 2013 7:01 AM PT Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013 7:48 PM PT

Fascinating –  as usual, the Island, which votes almost exclusively NDP and Green, gets slapped down again..but then, we’re used to it around here…if you study the’ efficiency’  of eliminating certain routes listed here, you too will see that most of them concern not only the smaller routes to and from the  smaller Islands, but also seniors, and we have lots of those here… and the threats re the major routes are unnamed, but ‘suggested’
I moved to Vancouver Island in 2009 from Vancouver, thought  I would be going back and forth quite a bit, yet haven’t returned once, due to the extremely high cost of the ferry..
About to turn 65, and always thought that the free fare for seniors was something to look forward to..so of course I can now dial that small  enthusiasm back.
As the NDP’s critic for Transportation said the other night, these ferries are nothing but ‘Christy Clark’s cruise ships’ now..when I did use the ferries (rarely) back in the day, always stayed in my vehicle except to use the washroom..who needs overpriced lousy food? Looks like even that won’t be happening now..even as a walk on, you are forced to go indoors and put up with all the insanity, lineups and boredom..now, we’ll also be dealing with gaming? I think not…

Once again (and yes, I do feel like a broken record) I’d like to personally thank  all those idiots who either voted for this weasel-worded woman, or stayed home (yes you, especially) because  we have to reap what you sowed ( or couldn’t be bothered to sow.)


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One Response to Ferry Tales Can Come True…..

  1. MoS says:

    Hi, CP. I have long wondered whether Christy Clark;s humiliation in West Point Grey and her subsequent refuge taking in Kelowna would trigger some retribution against coastal B.C. Now that she resides in what is, for all intents and purposes, a suburb of Calgary, Clark seems to have become much more amenable to fossil fuels, pipelines, etc.

    She’s sort of like climate change. You can’t blame any individual severe weather event on it but everyone knows…,.

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