Big US Brother will Contine to Watch You….


Canadian Banks To Be Compelled To Share Clients’ Info With U.S.

CBC  |  Posted: 11/25/2013 5:00 am EST

As a happily ex-Yank who gladly and gratefully accepted citizenship in this far superior (in every way) country, Canada, many decades ago, I would personally like to point out to the Yanks that Canada can’t even seem to chase after it’s own tax dodgers in the Caribbean, etc, never mind worry about those who you deem responsible for this act.
Although I will never be accused of being rich enough to get chased down by anyone, threatening your biggest trading partner with sanctions is a stupid move..the kind that the USA is sadly famous for, and heavy-handed declarations about what businesses in another country should or shouldn’t do seem a lot like coercion to me..

There are of course similarities between the two countries..unable or unwilling to chase down the filthy rich, the US tries to get others to do their dirty work for them..Canada spends millions chasing down thousands…not much difference there…those who are wealthy enough to hide their stash could be forced to pay taxes by a change in actual laws, but we all know that isn’t going to happen..

Besides, both Obama and the Harpster  are just letting their rich donors know what is what, and in Canada’s case, that translates as don’t worry, be happy for all those Richie the US..get your dirty dollars out of Canada and into ‘safer’ offshore accounts, because we are going to lean on our  upstairs neighbors to do our  sniffing out for us….pathetic…


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